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We just love ice cream!

Il Duo started from the fusion of the two biggest passions in Italy: food and football!


One evening after a game, Angelo and Claudio, the artisans behind our gelatos, had a revelation: since they both loved gelato and both lived in Finland, wouldn't it be nice to actually produce their own Italialianen gelato here? And here we are!

We like genuine and tasty ingredients and love mixing Italian tradition with a sweet Finnish touch using local ingredients whenever possible.


We make our gelato in Loviisa: a lovely city 80km East of Helsinki where everyone knows everyone. This gives us a strong sense of community and make us feel at home. You should totally come visit!

Our vision? That all restaurants and cafés in the country have the chance to finally offer our locally produced real Italian artisanal gelato to their customers.

Our next step? To invite you for a scoop of your preferred flavour!

Welcome to Il Duo!

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It's what's on the inside that counts

We produce and ship our gelato in Loviisa and can easily arrange shipping any time and anywhere in the country. From Åland to Utsjoki, from Vaasa to Joensuu.


Would you like to visit us to see how we make this artisanal gelato and have a tasting before deciding which flavours will fit your customers? Welcome!


You can find the address and our contact details here below.

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